Alexia Skok

17 November, 2015

Be the Change Project Video

Technological, political and planetary disruptions are threats to ICSOs’ existence. At the same time they entail brilliant opportunities to deliver our mission. We have to welcome change in order to reap these opportunities – Be the Change.

Throughout the past year, the International Civil Society Centre undertook an exciting and enriching project that brought together a group of civil society leaders and experts to explore the cultural organisational change that international civil society organisations (ICSOs) must undertake to adapt to disruption; The Building an Organisational Culture of Change working group was born.

Through telephone conferences, online discussions and a face-to-face meeting at the Rockfeller Foundation’s Bellagio Centre in Italy, the vanguard developed an outline for a culture that embraces change, while identifying concrete steps towards establishing such a culture in ICSOs.

The project group has produced a handbook for a culture of change, consisting of the  Be the Change video and the corresponding report – which will be highlighted next week.

Video by Christoph J. Kellner.

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