Chapter 5: Where to start

When looking at the impressive change agenda we have developed, one may ask whether existing ICSOs will be able to change themselves so fundamentally in the foreseeable future. I believe that they will not have much of a choice. They either change or others will take their place. Driving fundamental change in ICSOs looks like an uphill battle given well-established routines, solidly defended silos and a culture steeped in tradition rather than one embracing change. But it is certainly not impossible. I have been working with two ICSOs that had gone through years of stagnating income when I joined. Both changed quite significantly and learned to grow again; one has continued to change and grow ever since. In this chapter we will examine starting points for the journey of change and share ideas on how to initiate and drive change. We will discuss how change leaders at the top and in the ranks of ICSOs could pull off such a complete transformation of their organisations. We will look at key qualities of change leaders and encourage ICSOs to systematically promote and select such leaders, and provide the appropriate brief and backing for those who dare to lead change. Then we will review strategic levers for change and look at some strategies how to make change acceptable or, ideally, even desirable.