Alexia Skok

12 April, 2016

Open for Feedback: Civic Charter – The Global Framework for People’s Participation

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Civic Charter survey open!

Civic space is vital to our society because it is common ground; it belongs to citizens and activists, community groups, faith-based organisations, trade unions, and civil society organisations (CSOs). This collective space, in turn, stands as a platform for collaboration, and provides us all with the opportunity and momentum to coordinate efforts, and work together to achieve common goals.

The power of joint action amongst civil society actors can change the world; we have seen time and time again the life-altering outcomes of inclusive campaigning. We have banded together successfully to campaign for issues within civic space, and now it’s time to campaign for civic space. If it is not secured, our rights to act together are diminished, and we lose power that we may never be able to regain.

With this notion of collective power at its core, the International Civil Society Centre is facilitating the drafting of the Civic Charter – the Global Framework for People’s Participation. This document will serve as an international reference point for civil society to allocate our rights within the complexity of international law.

A Steering Group of CSOs, CSO networks, and key stakeholders have worked together to lay the foundations of this framework, drawing from the most relevant provisions on civic space laid down in key UN documents and International Law.

The Civic Charter is now open for consultation, and we invite every citizen, activist, and member of CSO to utilise your fundamental right to freedom of speech to shape the final outcome.

The online survey takes 5 – 15 minutes and we want your voice to be included! Alternatively, comment directly on the Civic Charter!

Let’s get visual! This inforgraphic helps  break down the complex issues of shrinking civic space:

16 04 11_ShrinkingSpace_Infographic

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