Burkhard Gnärig

31 March, 2015

A blog – and a book – about “Disruption and Innovation in the Civil Society Sector”, why is this an important issue? To date, disruption has not happened in our sector. Yes, we know about disruption in the commercial world: book shops, newspapers, manufacturers of photographic films and analogue cameras, retail stores and travel shops are all examples we have heard of. But who can report about a case of disruption among civil society organisations (CSOs)?

So far, CSOs have not had to struggle with disruption. On the contrary, if we look at our sector over the last 10 or 20 years we will find impressive growth and expansion at the global level. A comparison of the incomes of a number of major international CSOs in 1999 with the funds they raised in 2011/12 shows an average growth of 323%.

Disruption hasn’t happened yet and innovation is certainly not one of the hallmarks of our sector:  MORE