Åsa Månsson

23 January, 2018

Digitalisation is having an enormous influence on the new infrastructure of global society in the 21st century. It is changing the playing field as we speak and forcing us to adapt quickly to new circumstances, changing the way we see ourselves and our organisations. The World Economic Forum talks about the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” when describing the current digital revolution.[1] MORE

Flora Kwong

8 August, 2017

In private sector industries, companies are set up as opaque entities, guarding their competitive advantages to ensure maximised market share and profits. In the civil society sector—despite our common values and not-for-profit goals—our setups are not so different. Our organisations are structured as completely separate entities with few avenues for knowledge sharing and collaboration. In order to change and progress we need to build a shared toolbox to tackle upcoming challenges.

One of the goals of the International Civil Society Centre is to bridge this gap, creating those avenues and platforms to build capacity and to increase efficiency. The necessity for this bridge became much clearer to me after piloting the Centre’s “Learning Abroad” scheme. Under this scheme, Miriam Niehaus and I were selected to spend a few weeks with one or numerous other organisations, taking a deep dive into a topic or theme relevant to the Centre and civil society sector. MORE

Disrupt and Innovate

27 June, 2017

In the civil society sector, it can sometimes feel like we are running just to stand still. Changes are going on around us all the time, and faster than ever before. That’s why having the people and ideas to harness those changes is crucial. Those people are called innovators. They work tirelessly to employ changes for the benefit of others, strive to break the mold and create what has never existed before. It’s as challenging as it sounds.

At the International Civil Society Centre we are lucky enough to have gathered the thoughts and experiences of several innovators at the top of their game and the forefront of their sectors. Here we present blogs from those innovators from; CIVICUS, Keystone Accountability, Save the Children, Feedback Labs, Good4Trust, Disberse, The International Civil Society Centre and UNICEF.