Jan Oldfield

28 November, 2017

The ninth Global Perspectives conference took place on 1-3 November 2017 in Mexico City and brought together around 80 participants from all over the world, representing ICSOs as well as CSOs, government, and business.

In this video, you can watch a presentation from Global Perspectives, “From Supporters to Change Agents“, by Jan Oldfield, Global Engagement Director at Greenpeace International. She explores and explains how Greenpeace made changes in their organisation and, as a result, the wider civil society sector with its new approaches to resource mobilisation. She focusses on how Greenpeace looked to their supporters to play a bigger role in their organisation; shaping ideas, leading decision making and taking direct action, effectively becoming the agents by which change happens.

Ed Rekosh

21 November, 2017

Towards the end of the Global Perspectives conference earlier this month in Mexico City, one of the participants asked the leaders of some of the world’s largest international CSOs to imagine their offices around the world empty and dark. Another participant emphasised this key take-away: “Grants are for losers.”

The title of the conference, “New Resources for New Programmes,” barely does justice to the ambition of an agenda intended to urge well-established CSO leaders out of their comfort zones and into a radical re-conceptualisation of how they do their work. MORE

Patrick Watt

14 November, 2017

I recently returned from the Global Perspectives conference in Mexico City, an annual gathering of civil society leaders from around the world, for three days of discussion on the big global trends, and how they’re impacting on the work that we do. It was a diverse group, spanning the international development, governance and environment sectors from across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. It included big, mid-size and small international CSOs, platforms, and national organisations, plus a smattering of participants from donors, foundations, think tanks and academia.

Despite our very different contexts, and the spread of issues on which we’re working, there were some clear themes that emerged from the meeting. I’ve picked 10 of them: MORE

Burkhard Gnärig

22 September, 2015

In our most recent posts we discussed the “burning platform” as a leadership tool, looking at hope and fear as opposite drivers of change. I believe that hope is the much more effective driver and that civil society organisations (CSOs) need to become much better at using hope to drive the change they want to see.

Hope feels so much better than fear. When scanning my Twitter account last Wednesday, the day after we launched the video of the discussion with Daryl Conner, I was excited to find three positive messages on the issue of Planetary Boundaries. One referred to the 98% reduction in ozone depleting chemicals as an inspiration for the climate negotiations, another one reported about US and Chinese cities committing to ambitious climate protection goals, and another one shared the decision of the world’s largest PR firm to no longer work with coal producers and climate change deniers. Reading and retweeting these made me feel optimistic and invigorated: progress at so many different levels bodes well for the climate negotiations which will take place in Paris in a few weeks’ time. MORE