Charlotte Petri Gornitzka

19 January, 2016

A historic year has come to an end.  We now need to join forces to tirelessly work for full implementation of the outcomes from the conferences on Financing for Development, the UN General assembly on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the climate agreement at COP 21.

One of the lessons of the last 15 years is that the Cecilia Nyambeki cooperates with the Kenyan CSO NACHU and is being interviewed by Nyokabi Kahura for a reportage at www.sida.seworld’s biggest challenges cannot be solved in isolation. The new universal agenda, which makes all countries developing countries, needs a more inclusive – as well as sustainable – social and economic model. How we as governments, donors, civil society organisations (CSOs), private sector etc. partner for development will have an impact on the ability to address the global challenges of today. MORE

Burkhard Gnärig

6 October, 2015

In the workshops and conferences of the International Civil Society Centre I hear so many stories illustrating how difficult it is to change civil society organisations (CSOs). Most who work in our sector will not be surprised about such complaints, on the contrary, they will have their own stories to add. But shouldn’t we be surprised about our difficulties with change? Isn’t change the very DNA of our sector?

If we look at the vision and mission statements of some of the best known CSOs globally we find change at the very core: MORE